Embraer KC390 PT-ZNJ Brazilian Air Force - Embraer
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Embraer KC-390

The in Brazilian built Embraer KC-390 is a medium-size, twin-engine jet-powered military transport aircraft to perform aerial refuelling and to transport cargo and troops. Role: Medium-sized transport aircraft National origin: Brazil Manufacture: Embraer First flight: […]

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Alenia C-27J Spartan

The Alenia C-27J Spartan is a twin-engine turboprop military aircraft designed and built for tactical transport and to support combat operations. It operates autonomously in remote and austere environments and can take off and land […]

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Junkers Ju 52 military

The Junkers Ju 52 was a German trimotor transport aircraft. It saw both civilian and military service during the 1930s and 1940s. The Junkers Ju 52 was nicknamed “Tante Ju” (Auntie Ju) and “Iron Annie” by […]

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Dornier Do-28 Skyservant

The Dornier Do-28 Skyservant was developed into a number of progressively improved variants, from the original D, through the D1 and D2, to the 128-2, introduced in 1980. Each variant introduced a number of detail […]

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NH-Industries NH90

The NH90 is the largest military helicopter program ever undertaken in Europe. The four launch customers and initial members of the program – Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands – were rapidly joined by other […]

Lockheed Martin C-130J-30 Hercules L-382 B-538 Danish AF
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Lockheed C-130 Hercules

The C-130 Hercules is still longer in production than any aircraft in history. The C-130 Hercules was first flown in the form of a YC-130 prototype on August 23, 1954, first delivery to the USAF […]

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Airbus A400M

The A400M program is a direct result of a commonly expressed need by 8 European air forces for a new generation military airlifter. Airbus A400M timeline: The Airbus A400M development started in the seventies as […]

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Lockheed C-5A / B Galaxy

The Lockheed C-5A/B Galaxy is the largest USAF aircraft and is a conventional high-wing, T-tailed transport aircraft. The C-5A made his maiden flight on June 30, 1968, and the first operational C-5A reached Military Airlift […]

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Airbus A300-608ST Super Transporter

The A300-600ST Super Transporter (nicknamed Beluga) based on the A300-600 airliner was designed to replace Airbus Industries Super Guppy transports, used by the consortium to ferry oversize components such as wings and fuselage sections between […]

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Fokker F-60

The Fokker F-60 is the military variant of the civilian Fokker F-50. The F-60 is only in service with the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Country of development/built:?? Netherlands First Flight(s): Fokker 60: November 1995 U-01 […]

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Airbus A310 Military

The Airbus A310 twin engine wide-bodied airliners have been built since 1981. The A310 has a shorter fuselage than the A300 aircraft but the same 5.64m fuselage diameter. The A310 is a 200 seated aircraft […]