Fokker S-11-1 Instructor E-14 E-29
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Fokker S-11

The Fokker S-11 Instructor is a single engine two seater propeller aircraft designed and manufactured by the former Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker. With replacement of the Tiger Moth in mind, the Lucht Strijd  Krachten ((LSK) […]

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Fokker 100

Fokker’s largest aircraft, the Fokker 100 is a 100 seat jet airliner based on the F-28 Fellowship. Fokker 100 was certified by the United States Federal Aviation Administration as the Fokker 28-0100. The most noticeable […]

Fokker 70 F-28-0070 PH-WXA KLM Cityhopper
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Fokker 70

The Fokker 70 is a shortened development of the popular 100 seat class Fokker 100. Fokker began development of the new derivative airliner in November 1992 despite the absence of firm orders. The first Fokker […]

Fokker D.VIII 17 Belgian Air Force
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Fokker D.VIII

Role Fighter Manufacturer Fokker-Flugzeugwerke Designed by Reinhold Platz First flight May 1918 Primary user Luftstreitkrafte Number built approximately 381 The Fokker D.VIII nicknamed “the Flying Razor” by the Allies, unusual parasol-monoplane configuration was perhaps the […]

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Fokker F-50

The Fokker F-50 was seen as a more modern version of the F-27 from the Dutch Aircraft builder Fokker. That was not the case, the F-50 was a completely re-designed aircraft of very high standards […]

Fairchild Hiller FH-227B F-GBRQ TAT
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Fairchild F27 / FH227

Fairchild acquired a license to build the Fokker F.27 on 26 April 1956 and put the aircraft into production at the same time as the parent company, actually achieving first deliveries and airline service before […]

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Fokker F-27 Friendship

The Fokker F-27 is the most successful civilian airplane the fokker factory has ever built. At the time it was one of the first, and certainly one of the most successful turbo-prop aircraft in the […]

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Fokker F-60

The Fokker F-60 is the military variant of the civilian Fokker F-50. The F-60 is only in service with the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Country of development/built:?? Netherlands First Flight(s): Fokker 60: November 1995 U-01 […]

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Fokker D-XXI (D-21)

The Royal Dutch Air Force (Luchtvaartafdeling) ordered 36 D XXI’s with the 825 hp Bristol Mercury VII nine cylinder radial engine and armed it with four wing-mounted 7,9 mm FN-Browning M.36 guns. When the Germans […]

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Fokker G-1

Fokker delivered a total of 36 G-1’s to the Dutch Air Force, they were numbered from 300 to 335. The 36 aircraft were divided over two ‘afdelingen’: 3 JaVA and 4 JaVA. At the outbreak […]

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Fokker Dr.1

The Fokker Dr1 is one of the most legendary fighter aircraft in the world, Dutch aircraft builder Anthony Fokker emigrated to Germany before the first world war to try his luck in the aviation industry. […]