Civilian fact sheets

Stratolaunch System

Stratolaunch Systems, a Paul G. Allen project, is developing an air-launch system that will revolutionize space transportation by providing orbital access to space at lower costs, with greater safety and more flexibility. Delivering payloads in […]

Aircraft Carriers

United States Class

CVA-58 USS United States After the second World War, the new enemy of the US was the Soviet Union, and the age of the atomic weapons began. The only way to deploy those weapons was […]

Aircraft Carriers

Midway Class (3 ships)

CVB-41 USS Midway Built by: CVB-41 Midway: Newport News CVB-42 Franklin D. Roosevelt: New York Naval Yard CVB-43 Coral Sea: Newport News Gone into service: CVB-41 Midway: September 10th 1945 CVB-42 Franklin D. Roosevelt: October […]

Aircraft Carriers

Independence Class (9 ships)

CVL-22 USS Independence Built by: New York Shipbuilding, Camden Gone into service: Januari 1943 – December 1943 Water displacement: 11050 tons (standard)15170 tons (loaded) Length: 183 m. (waterline)189,9 m. (total) With: 21,8 m. load water-line: […]

Aircraft Carriers

Essex Class (24 ships)

USS Essex CV-9   Built by: Diverse shipbuilders Gone into service: December 1942 – May 1946 Water displacement: 28000 tons (standard)37050 tons (loaded) Length: 250,1 m. (waterline)266 m. (total) With: 28,4 m. load water-line: 7 […]

Aircraft Carriers

USS Long Island (AVG-1)

Long Island class Built by: Sun Shipbuilding, Chester, Pennsylvania Rebuilt by: Newport News, Virginia Gone into service: June 2nd 1942 Water displacement: 14250 tons (loaded) Length: 141,7 m. (waterline)149,9 m. (total) With: 21,2 m. load […]

Aircraft Carriers

USS Wasp (CV-7)

USS Wasp (CV-7) Built by: Bethlehem, Quincy Gone into service: April 25th 1940 Water displacement: 14790 tons (standard)18750 tons (loaded) Length: 209,9 m. (waterline)225,8 m. (total) With: 26,4 m. load water-line: 6,1 m.??? (standard)7,5 m. […]

Aircraft Carriers

Yorktown class (CV-5, CV-6 and CV-8)

FACTS YORKTOWN CLASS:   Built by: Newport News. Virginia Gone into service: – Yorktown: September 30th 1937 – Enterprise: May 12th 1938 – Hornet: October 20th 1941 Water displacement: 20240 tons (standard)25960 tons (loaded) Length: […]

Aircraft Carriers

USS Ranger (CV-4)

FACTS USS RANGER: Built by: Newport News, Virginia Gone into service: June 4th 134 Water displacement: 14021 tons (standard)17870 tons (loaded) Length: 222,4 m. (waterline)234,4 m. (total) With: 24,4 m. load water-line: 6 m.??? (standard)6,9 […]