ZAPP’s goal is to provide the best quality photography, the best customer support while we work by the higher ethical standards of a professional photojournalism service. We are constantly adding new digital photos of aircraft, air-show events, stock editorial and corporate public relation materials for media syndication.

Please contact us if your organization need digital photographic services. We also provide on location assignment photography for the general public.

(note: we are based in the Netherlands / Europe)

ZAPP Photo Stock

We have thousands of images for editorial licensing to the media. Please contact us with your media inquires and we will research our archive without charges to your media organization.

If we found a photo material suitable to your requirements, we will send you a low resolution copy for your approval prior to the submission of the high resolution digital file.

Our prices will be negotiated prior to the publication of our photo materials. This license is for one time publication only and do not includes the transfer of images ownership rights or photographer’s copyrights.

Rob-Marcel-ZAPP_AviationnewsAll pictures courtesy of Zijde Aviation Photo and Publishing, Rob Vogelaar and Marcel van Leeuwen.

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