August 2016 Shuttleworth Old Warden, Edwardian Pageant Show.

De Havilland DH-88 Comet G-ACSS

Sunday August 7th 2016

Our Family holiday this year brought us to the UK.

Wife and Daughter enjoyed a nice family airshow in Old Warden. The Shuttleworth Collection Edwardian Pageant Show is planned and we decided to go there for the day.

Because I visited the Shuttleworth collection before and knowing what their air shows are like I was confident in bringing my family to this event. An air show day in Old Warden is easy, laid back and very enjoyable for everyone, not just spotters, and aviation enthusiasts have a good time it’s like a giant picnic with entertainment in the air.

The setting is beautiful, a green grass stripp is used by the aircraft and the pilots do a terrific job in presenting their planes in the air… just the right angles for photographers in a slight bend.. there is absolutely no other airshow that makes photographing so easy with stunning results. So if you are ever in the area and there is a show announced.. GO THERE! the amazing collection is more than worth a visit, after 4 times I still don’t think I saw it all.

Sadly because of windy conditions the planes from the Edwardian period could not perform this day.. but no panic! there is so much treasure in the hangers of the Shuttleworth collection the show will go on!

My Photo report of the 2016 Edwardian Pageant air show: