2010 Shuttleworth collection air show

Sunday September 5th 2010.

After the Duxford Battle of Britain memorial air show yesterday, we are off to visit the Shuttleworth collection at the Old Warden Aerodrome in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.

The unique Shuttleworth collection holds a range of airworthy aeroplanes from the start of the 20th century up to the 1950’s. Truly the birth of aviation as we know it today.

In these early years aviation was for adventures and wealthy people that caught the ‘bug’ of flying. Everything changed as the world plunged into the first world war, the military discovered the aeroplane as a useful spy with wings, capable of dropping bombs and directing artillery. Soon planes where shooting at each other and the industry became adult.

The Old Warden Aerodrome breaths a lot of atmosphere from the early years, a grass strip, and driven by people with true hart for the old aeroplanes. The dressing on it all are the pilots who treat the public on air show days with perfect displays, the planes are flown júst right for those great photographs everyone is looking for.

All and all it is my opinion that a visit to this collection is a must for everyone that has a heart for aviation. Even, or specially those that are manly ‘into’ the modern aviation will have a special experience. It gives so much insight of how brave the early aviators were…

Many thanks to the Shuttleworth Collection for their hospitality, special thanks to Mr. Andrew Ogden.

Following our photo-report of the Air Display of Sunday September 5th 2010.