Boeing KC-46A

Boeing KC-767J -767-2FK ER- 07-3604 Japanese AF

Based on the proven Boeing 767 commercial airplane, the KC-46A Tanker is a widebody, multi-mission aircraft updated with the latest and most advanced technology and capable of meeting or exceeding the US Air Force’s needs for transport of fuel, cargo, passengers and patients.

Developing nation: USA.
Number will be built: 179.
Type aircraft: Tanker/transporter.
First flight: .
State: under design.

The Boeing KC-46A Tanker  includes state-of-the-art systems to meet the demanding mission requirements of the future, including a digital flight deck featuring Boeing 787 Dreamliner electronic displays and a flight control design philosophy that places aircrews in command rather than allowing computer software to limit combat maneuverability. The NewGen Tanker also features an advanced KC-10 boom with an expanded refueling envelope, increased fuel offload rate and fly-by-wire control system.

The pentagon awarded Boeing 24 February 2011 to deliver 179 Tanker aircraft for a total of 3.5 Billion dollar. The contract calls for Boeing to design, develop, manufacture and deliver 18 initial combat-ready tankers by 2017.

The contract has been a ongoing matter the last years where at first the deal was given to a consortium headed by European aircraft manufacturer EADS. After protests from Boeing the Pentagon reevaluated the offers and announced  today that US aircraft builder Boeing came out as the winner.

General characteristics

  • Crew: 3: 2 pilots, 1 boom operator
  • Capacity: up to 200 passengers or 19 463L pallets
  • Length: 48.5 m (159 ft 2 in)
  • Wingspan: 47.6 m (156 ft 1 in)
  • Height: 15.8 m (52 ft)
  • Empty weight: 82,377 kg (181,610 lb)
  • Max takeoff weight: 186,880 kg (395,000 lb)
  • Powerplant: 2× GE CF6-80C2 turbofan, 60,200 lbf (268 kN) each
  • Maximum Fuel Load: 72,877 kg (160,660 lb)


  • Maximum speed: 915 km/h (Mach 0.86, 570 mph)
  • Cruise speed: 851 km/h (Mach 0.80, 530 mph)
  • Range: 12,200 km (6,385 nmi)
  • Service ceiling: 12,200 m (40,100 ft)
  • For KC-767 Advanced Tanker:
    • Max takeoff weight: over 181,000 kg (400,000 lb)
    • Maximum Fuel Load: over 91,600 kg (202,000 lb)
    • Capacity: 190 passengers, 19 463L pallets or 19 patients
    • Powerplant: 2x Pratt & Whitney PW4062, 63,500 lbf (282 kN) each
Boeing KC-767A N767TT MM62226 14-01 Italian Air force
Boeing KC-767A N767TT /MM62226/14-01 Italian Air Force

All pictures courtesy of Rob Vogelaar