Embraer ERJ145

Embraer ERJ145 CE-03 Belgium Air Force

Family members include the ERJ 135 (37 passengers), ERJ 140 (44 passengers), and ERJ 145 (54 passengers), as well as the Legacy business jet and the R-99 family of military aircraft.

  • ERJ 140ER – Simple shrink of the ERJ 145, seating six fewer passengers, for a total of 44 passengers.
  • ERJ 140LR – Long Range (increased fuel capacity (5,187 kg) and upgraded engines).
  • ERJ 145STD – The baseline original
  • ERJ 145EU – Model for European market. Same fuel capacity as 145STD (4,174 kg) but an increased MTOW 19,990 kg
  • ERJ 145ER – Extended Range, although this is the Baseline 145 model.
  • ERJ 145EP – Same fuel capacity as 145ER (4,174 kg) but an increased MTOW 20,990 kg.
  • ERJ 145LR – Long Range (increased fuel capacity (5,187 kg) and upgraded engines).
  • ERJ 145LU – Same fuel capacity as 145LR (5,187 kg) but an increased MTOW 21,990 kg.
  • ERJ 145MK – Same fuel capacity (4,174 kg), landing weight (MLW) and MTOW as in the 145STD, but a changed MZFW (17,700 kg).
  • ERJ 145XR – Extra-long Range (numerous aerodynamic improvements, including winglets, strakes, etc. for lower cruise-configuration drag, a ventral fuel tank (aft location) in addition to the two main larger capacity wing tanks (same tanks as in the LR models), increased weight capacity, higher top speed and more powerful engines).

Military models

  • C-99A – Transport model
  • EMB 145SA (R-99A) – Airborne Early Warning model
  • EMB 145RS (R-99B) – Remote sensing model
  • EMB 145MP/ASW (P-99) – Maritime patrol model

Developing nation:

Production line:
São José dos Campos, Brazil.
Type aircraft: Regional airliner.
First flight:
ERJ-145, 11 August 1995, PT-ZJA
– ERJ-145 AEW&C, 22 May 1999, PT-XSA
First delivery: December 1996 to ExpressJet Airlines

Embraer ERJ-145XR

Cockpit crew: two pilots.
Cabin diameter:
2,10 m.
Cabin height: 1,82 m.
Cabin volume: 13,53 m³.
Wing span:
20,04 m.
Horizontal stabilizer span: 7,55 m.
Fuselage length: 29,87 m.
Fuselage diameter: 2,28 m.
Height overall: 6,76 m.

Engines: two Allison Rolls-Royce AE3007A-1/A-3.

– max. zero-fuel weight:
18,500 kg.
– fuel: 5.973 kg.
– max. payload:
5,909 kg.
Max. take off weight: 24,092 kg.
Max. landing weight: 20,000 kg.
Cruise speed: 833 km/h.
Service ceiling: 11,278 km.
Range: 3, 706 km.
Performance:  climb to 11,000 m in 15 minutes.
take-off run 1,340 m at max. take-off weight.
– landing run 1,430 m at max. landing weight.

Military operators

  • Angolan Air Force
  • Belgian Air Component
  • Brazilian Air Force
  • Hellenic Air Force
  • Indian Air Force
  • Mexican Air Force
  • Royal Thai Army
  • Royal Thai Navy

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