Embraer 175

The Embraer 170/190 Program was launched at the 1999 Paris Air Show in Le Bourget. With a 178 cm longer fuselage than the Embraer 170, the new Embraer 175 offers approximately 10% more seat & cargo capacity, yet shares a common pilot type rating, a common cockpit, common flying qualities with the fly-by-wire system, and a common engine, the GE CF34-8E.

  • Developing nation: Brazil.
    Production line: São José dos Campos, Brazil.
    Type aircraft:
    Regional airliner.
    First flight:
    June 14 ,2003, PP-XJD.
    First delivery: July 2005 to Air Canada.  two pilots.
    Passengers single class:
    78 – 86.
    Passengers two class:
    – 6 first class.- 72 economy class.
    Cabin length: 21,20 m.
    Cabin diameter:
    2,74 m.
    Cabin height:
    2,00 m.
    Cabin volume:
    116 m.
    Wing span:
    26,00 m.
    Horizontal stabilizer span:
    10,00 m.
    Fuselage length:
    31,68 m.
    diameter: 3,01 m.
    height: 3,35 m.
    Height overall:
    9,73 m.
    two General Electric CF34-8E turbofans rated 62.80 kN.

    – max. zero-fuel weight: 21.810 Kg.
    fuel: 9.312 Kg.
    max. payload: 9.890 Kg.
    Max. take off weight:
    38.790 Kg.
    Max. landing weight:
    34.000 Kg.
    Cruise speed
    : 870 km/h.
    Service ceiling: 9.144 m.
    – max. range 3.334 km.
    – climb to 9.144 m in 17 minutes.
    – take-off run 1.590 m at max. take-off weight.
    – landing run 1.273 m at max. landing weight.

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