United States Class

CVA-58 USS United States

After the second World War, the new enemy of the US was the Soviet Union, and the age of the atomic weapons began.

The only way to deploy those weapons was to drop them from an aircraft, when such an aircraft had to launch from an aircraft carrier it would need an action-radius of 3700 km. to reach all targets. With a load of 5,1 tons and a large fuel-load the intended aircraft needs a takeoff speed of approximately 500 knots and a wingspan of more than 35 meters and a takeoff total weight of 45 tons.

No existing aircraft carrier could launch such an aircraft, and the navy would need a totally flat carrier, that meant no masts, electronics would have to be placed on escort ships.

At first it was tought hangers were not needed but the low and long hull would be to heavy so the decision was made to design an armored deck above the hanger, the deck would be a reinforcement for the hull.

On the ship 16 – 24 bombers would be placed along with some 50 fighters (McDonnell F2H Banshee).

The name of the first ship in the class would be “United States”

A few days after the Keel-Plate was layed in April 1949 the build was cancelled by the secretary of Defence after a succesfull lobby of the Air Force.?


The Keel-plate of the “United States” is layed..

Built by: Newport News
Gone into service: Never completed
Water displacement: 68250 tons (standard)80500 tons (loaded)
Length: 314,2 m. (waterline)331,8 m. (total)
With: 39 m.
load water-line: 10,5 m. (loaded)
Number of aircraft: 70-80
Flight deck: 315,4 x 58 m.
Arms: 8x 127 mm (2x double 4x single) 16x 76 mm (8x double) and 20x 20 mm cannons
Engine: Steam turbines with cog wheel transferring, 8 x boilers and 4 x propellers
Power: 280000 hp.
Speed: 33 knots (61,13 km/h / 37,99 mph)
Max. Fuel stock: 11200 tons
Action radius: 22200 km. at 27,79 km/h / 11987,31 miles at 17,27 mph
Armoring: 38 mm (Vertical sides) 19 mm (hanger walls) 50 mm (flight-deck) 38 mm (hanger and protection-deck)
Crew: 4100

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