Casablanca Class (CVE-55 -> CVE-104 51 ships)

USS Casablanca CVE-55

CVE-55 USS Casablanca
CVE-56 USS Liscombe Bay
CVE-57 USS Anzio
CVE-58 USS Corregidor
CVE-59 USS Mission Bay
CVE-60 USS Guadalcanal
CVE-61 USS Manila Bay
CVE-62 USS Natoma Bay
CVE-63 USS St. Lo
CVE-64 USS Tripoli
CVE-65 USS Wake Island
CVE-66 USS White Plains
CVE-67 USS Solomons
CVE-68 USS Kalinin Bay
CVE-69 USS Kasaan Bay
CVE-70 USS Fanshaw Bay
CVE-71 USS Kitkun Bay
CVE-72 USS Tulagi
CVE-73 USS Gambier Bay
CVE-74 USS Nehenta Bay
CVE-75 USS Hoggat Bay
CVE-76 USS Kadashan Bay
CVE-77 USS Marcus Island
CVE-78 USS Savo Island
CVE-79 USS Ommancy Bay
CVE-80 USS Petrof Bay
CVE-81 USS Rudyerd Bay
CVE-82 USS Saginaw Bay
CVE-83 USS Sargent Bay
CVE-84 USS Shamrock Bay
CVE-85 USS Shipley Bay
CVE-86 USS Sitkoh Bay
CVE-87 USS Steamer Bay
CVE-88 USS Cape Esperance
CVE-89 USS Takanis Bay
CVE-90 USS Thetis Bay
CVE-91 USS Makassar Strait
CVE-92 USS Windham Bay
CVE-93 USS Makin Island
CVE-94 USS Lunga Point
CVE-95 USS Bismarck Sea
CVE-96 USS Salamaua
CVE-97 USS Hollandia
CVE-98 USS Kwajalein
CVE-99 USS Admiralty Islands
CVE-100 USS Bougainville
CVE-101 USS Matanikau
CVE-102 USS Attu
CVE-103 USS Alava Bay
CVE-103 USS Roi
CVE-104 USS Munda
Built by: Kaiser, Vancouver
Gone into service: July 1943 – December 1944
Water displacement: 8350 tons (standard)10750 tons (loaded)
Length: 149,5 m. (waterline)152,5 m. (total)
With: 22,9 m.
load water-line: 6,3 m (average)
Number of aircraft: Approximately 27
Flight deck: 144,6 x 24,4 m.
Arms: 1x 127 mm, 8x 40 mm (4x double) and 12x 20 mm (single) Guns
Engine: Piston Steam engines, 4x boilers and 2x propellers
Power: 9000 hp.
Speed: 20 knots (37,04 km/h / 23,02 mph)
Max. Fuel stock: 20240 tons
Action radius: 18980 km. at 27,79 km/h / 17,27 mph
Armoring: None
Crew: 815


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