USS North Carolina (CA-12)

USS North Carolina Facts:

Built by: Newport News, Virginia
Gone into service: May 7th 1908
Water displacement: 14760 tons (standard)16160 tons (loaded)
Length: 152,9 m. (waterline)153,7 m. (total)
With: 22,2 m.
load water-line: 7,6 m.??? (average)
Number of aircraft: Max. 5 (no hangar)
Flight deck: none
Arms: 4x 254 mm, 16x 152 mm and 22x 76 mm guns
Engine: 2x vertical boilers, triple expansion. 2 propellers
Power: 23000 hp.
Speed: 22 knots (40,75 km/h / 25,33?mph)
Max. Fuel stock: 2000 tons
Actionradius: Unknown
Armouring: 76-127 mm on the sides, 25-89 mm (deck)
Crew: 914


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