Convair F-106 Delta Dart

USAF F-106A Delta Dart, of the Montana Air National

The F-106 started off as F-102 Delta Dagger, but because of so many changes in the design to make it the USAF’s new all weather fighter in 1955 it became a totally new aircraft all together.

The biggest change was the shape of the fuselage to allow supersonic speed in level flight. The F-106 got a more powerfull J-75 afterburn turbojet engine .

First flight test were not a big success, the prefomance of the F-106 was somewhat disappointing, but still the US Air Force ordered 350 F-106’s (initially 1000 aircraft were planned)

F-106A Delta Dart

Developing Nation: United States
First Flight(s): December 1956
First delivery: October 1959
Crew: 1
Wing Span: 11,67 m.
Wing: 64,83 m2.
Length: 21,56 m.
Weight empty: 10904 kg.
Flight weight: 17779 kg.
Engine (s): 1 kgf Pratt & Whitney J75-P-17
Max. Speed: 2135 Kph. at 10668 m.
Max. Height: 16063 m.
Max. Range: 789 km. on just internal fuel.
Weapons: 1x 20mm. multiple barrel canon,
1x long range missiles
4x medium range missiles

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