Lockheed F-104 Starfighter

Italian Air force F-104S ASA M

Developed by Lockheed as a single engine, high performance super sonic interceptor aircraft.

The ‘Starfighter’ served the US air force from 1958 until 1967, the Air National Guard phased out the last F-104 in 1975. Nasa stoped using the F-104 in 1994.

Several European air forces had the F-104 in service mainly the F-104G, they served well into the 1980’s. The final version of the ‘Starfighter’ the F-104S was

by Lockheed for the Italian air force, designed to carry AIM-7 Sparrow missiles. The Italian’s were the last operators of the Starfighter, their last F-104S retired in 2004.

A highly modified version of the F-104, the CL-1200 Lancer never reached further then the mock-up stage
A highly modified version of the F-104, the CL-1200 Lancer never reached further then the mock-up stage

Clarence “Kelly” Johnson, chief engineer from Lockheed at ‘Skunk Works’ visited US pilots in Korea in 1951 and simply asked them what sort of aircraft they think was needed to obtain air superiorety in a coflict. The pilots wanted a simple small?aircraft with high performance, Kelly returned to the States and designed just that, The L-246. That first design essentially stayed identical to the Starfighters that were first delivered.

Developing Nation: United States
Chief engineer: Clarence “Kelly” Johnson
Task: Multi-role combat aircraft
First Flight: – XF-104: February 7th 1954- F-104A: February 17th 1954 (the 104A had the new and much more powerful J79 engine)- F-104G: October 5th 1960- F-104S: 1966
Crew: – 1- trainers: 2
Wing Span: 6,68 m (without tip-tanks or missiles)
Wing Area: 18,21 m²
Length: 16,69 m
Engine (s): – F-104A: General Electric J79-3 enlarged turbojet with 6713 kg thrust- F-104G: General Electric J79-11A enlarged turbojet with 7167 kg thrust- F-104S:General Electric J79-19 enlarged turbojet with 8119 kg thrust
Weight: – F104A: 5698 kg- F104G: 6387 kg- F104S: 6758 kg
Max.Take off weight: – F104A: 8891 kg- F104G: 13054 kg- F104S: 14061 kg
Max. Speed: (Clean)- High altitude: 2334 km/h- Low altitude: 1464 km/h
Max. Range: – F-104A: 1770 km- F-104G: 3510 km- F-104S: 2920 km
Ejection Seat: – Stanley C-1- Export Starfighters were retro-fitted with Martin Baker zero-zero ejection seats.
Radar: – AN/ASG-14T ranging radar (initial USAF Starfighters)- Auronetics NASARR radar (Internarional fighter-bomber aircraft)- NASARR R21-G radar with moving-target indicator and continuous-wave illuminator for semi-active radar homing missiles. (Italian F-104S)
Weapons: – All types: 20 mm M61A-1 Cannon, and wingtips Sidewinder missiles.- F-104C: can carry: 2x 454 Kg. Bombs- F-104G: can carry 1x 907 Kg. load under the fuselage, and two 454 Kg. bombs under its wings- F-104S: Carries 2x Sparrow or Aspide air to air missiles plus 2 or 4 Sidewinders

The countries that use(d)

the F-104 in various types:

Canada (CF-104)
Taiwan (Republic of China)
United States

Production of the F-104:

Type Lockheed Multi-national Canadair Fiat Fokker MBB Messer-schmitt Mitsu-bishi SABCA Total
XF-104 2 2
YF-104A 17 17
F-104A 153 153
F-104B 26 26
F-104C 77 77
F-104D 21 21
F-104DJ 20 20
CF-104 200 200
CF-104D 38 38
F-104F 30 30
F-104G 139 140 164 231 50 210 188[a] 1122
RF-104G 40 35 119 194
TF-104G (583C to F) 172 27 199
TF-104G (583G and H) 21 21
F-104J 3 207 210
F-104N 3 3
F-104S 245[a] 245
Total by manufacturer 741 48 340 444 350 50 210 207 188 2578


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