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Aero L159 ALCA

The Aero L159 ALCA is developed by the Czech Republic as a Light multi-role fighter and lead in fighter trainer. The first L159 (two seater) flew August 4th 1997, and the first single seater on August 18th 1998.

In a fast track the first L159 was delivered in April 2000.

Developing Nation: Czech Republic
Task: Light multi-role fighter and lead in fighter trainer
First Flight: - two seater: August 4th 1997
- single seater: August 18th 1998
- first production airframe: October 20th 1999
First Delivery: April 2000
Crew: - 1
- 2 in tandem (L 159T)
Wing Span: 9,54 m
Wing Area: 18,8 m²
Length: 12,72 m
Height: 4,77 m
Engine (s): Honeywell/ITEC F124-GA-100 non afterburning turbofan with 28,2 kN thrust (1x)
Weight: 4320 kg
Max.Take off weight: 8000 kg
Fuel: - internal fuel L 159A: 1596 kg
- internal fuel L 159B: 1273 kg
Max. Speed: 936 km/h
Max. Range: 2530 km including external fuel
Ceiling: ~14000 m
Weapons: 7 external hard points, up to 2340 kg weaponry like AIM9 sidewinders, AAM’s, AGM-65 Maverick ASM’s, Gun pods, rockets and bombs
Extra: Czech Republic is the only operator up to now (feb. 2004) of the L 159 (72 x)