MBB Bolkow Bo-105

BO 105C RedBull D-HTDM

The Bo-105CBS-5 Army or Navy is a lightweight twin-engine multi-role military helicopter. It is built by the Eurocopter Group (since July 10th 2000 member of EADS), owned 70% by Aerospatiale France and 30% by Daimler Aerospace (DASA) of Germany. The military version of the Bo-105 include the antitank version with weapon-carrying outriggers and the scout version which has a mast-mounted sight above the main rotor. Missions include: direct air support, antitank, reconnaissance, search and rescue, and transport. In addition to reconnaissance, observation and surveillance missions. Many civil operators use the Bo-105 for medical assistance by accidents. Also for police operations is the Bo-105 perfect.

The Bo-105 was developed initially by Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm in Germany. Others are built in Chile, the Philippines, Indonesia (NBo-105), and Spain (CASA Bo-105/ATH).

  • Bo-105CB: The standard production variant.
  • Bo-105CBS: VIP version with a slightly longer fuselage to accommodate 6 passengers, some used in a SAR role.
  • Bo-105LS: Upgraded to 2x 550-shp Allison 250-C28 turbo shafts engines for extended capabilities in high altitudes and temperatures. Produced only in Canada.
  • Bo-105M/VBH: Standard reconnaissance version.
  • Bo-105P/PAH1: Standard antitank version.
  • The Bo-105P has a roof-mounted direct-view, daylight-only sight to allow firing of HOT ATGMs. Options exist to fit a thermal imaging system for night operations, and a laser designator.
  • Available avionics include weather radar, Doppler and GPS navigation, and an autopilot. It is capable of operation in day, night, and instrument meteorological conditions.
Developing Nation: Germany.
Manufacturer/Designer: Eurocopter.
Task: Light utility helicopter .
First Flight: February 16, 1967.
First Delivery: 1979.
First Operational: 1980.
Crew: 1 or 2.
Troops/passengers: 4 or 5
Maine rotor diameter: 9,84 m.
Maine rotor disc area: 76,05 m².
Tail rotor diameter: 1,90 m.
Tail rotor disc area: 2,835 m².
Length overall, rotors turning: 11,86 m.
Length fuselage: 8,56 m.
Height overall: 3,00 m.
Engine (s): Two Allison 250-C-20B each rated at 313 kW for take-off and 298 kW for continuous running.
Weight: – Empty: 1.276 Kg.
– Internal fuel: 456 Kg.
– Max. payload: 691 Kg.
Max. Take off weight: 2.500 Kg.
Cruise Speed: 242 km/h.
Max. Speed: 270 km/h at m.
Service ceiling: 5.180 m.
Hovering ceiling: – in ground effect 2.560 m.
– out of ground effect 1.615 m.
Max. Range: 1.112 km.
Performance: Max. endurance 2 hours 10 minutes.
Rate of climb: 480 m per minute.
Weapons: – Rheinmetall Rh 202 20mm cannon.
– AIM-92A Stinger.
– AS-12 ASM pods.
– 2.75-in rocket pods.
– 68-mm SNEB rocket pods.
– 50-mm SNIA rockets.
– TOW I air-to-ground missile.
– TOW II air-to-ground missile.
– Hot II air-to-ground missile.

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