Dornier Do-28 Skyservant

Dornier Do-28D-2 Skyservant D-IRES

The Dornier Do-28 Skyservant was developed into a number of progressively improved variants, from the original D, through the D1 and D2, to the 128-2, introduced in 1980. Each variant introduced a number of detail changes. Most Do-28 production was for military customers, notably Germany, although a small number were delivered to commercial operators.

The Dornier Do-28 was basically a two-engine version of the earlier Do-27 STOL aircraft series, which itself was based on the Do-25. The single Do-28 (or Do 28A) prototype was powered by two 132 kW/180 hp engines, and flew for the first time on April 29, 1959, still using a Do-27 wing.

The Do-28D was similar in layout to the Do-28A and Do-28B, but was considerably larger and heavier.

The main difference to the earlier Do-28D-1 was its higher gross weight, refined flaps, ailerons, stabilators and leading edge slats. Additionally, equipment that was previously only optional became standard on this model.

One Bundeswehr Do-28D-2 was modified with turboprops as Do-28D-2T, and flew for the first time in this configuration in March 1980, but no other Bundeswehr aircraft were re-engined. Two Marineflieger (Navy) Do-28D-2 were modified as Do-28D-2/OU (Oil Unit) for Oil Spill Search and Environmental Pollution Control. A Maritime Patrol version with a large radom under the nose/forward fuselage, was never sold and only a prototype was built.

Another Do-128-2 was used as testbed for the Dornier TNT (Tragfluegel Neuer Technologie = New Technology Wing) supercritical wing, and was equipped with two Garrett AiResearch TPE 331-5 turboprops (533 kW/with 715 shp). This layout was later also used on the Do-228, which was originally designated Do 28E-1 (15-seat Do 228-100) and Do 28E-2 (19-seat Do 228-200).

Air America

The main task of Air America’s Do-28s seems to have been communications flights and to transport small goods to outlaying villages in Laos. Often, the Dornier was called in to go into strips the Apache was originally intended to utilize, but could not. Later, those Do-28s which were based in South Vietnam and at Bangkok were used for similar types of missions. USAID was officially the main contractor to Air America in South Vietnam, all CIA missions in South Vietnam were flown as part of the USAID contracts, and within those contracts, all CIA requirements were handled with priority.


Developing Nation: Germany.
Manufacturer/designer: Dornier.
Production line: Oberpfaffenhofen.
Task: STOL Utility Transport.
First Flight: – Do-28 April 29, 1959.
– Do-28A-1 March 20, 1960.
– Do-28B-1 April 1963.
– Do-28D-1 February 23, 1966.
– Do-28D-2T March 1980.
Dornier Do-28D-2
Crew: 1-2.
Passengers: 13.
Wing span: 15,55 m.
Wing area: 29 m².
Length: 11,41 m.
Height: 3,90 m.
Engine: Two Textron Lycoming IGSO-540-A1E flat six piston engines each rated 380 hp.
Propellers: three blade constant speed Hartzell propellers.
Weight: – empty: 2.328 Kg.
Max. Take off weight: 3.842 kg.
Max. Speed: 320 Km/h.
Max. cruise at low altitude: 286 km/h.
Service ceiling: 7.400 m.
Max. Range: 1.180 km.
Performance: – take-off run 170 m at max. take-off weight.
– landing run?180 m at max. landing weight.
– max. rate of climb at sea level?360 m/min.
Dornier Do-28 aircraft built of each type:
 60 – Do 28, Do 28A and Do 28A-1.
 60 – Do 28B, Do 28B-1 and Do 28B-2.
 53 – Do 28D and Do 28D-1.
140 – Do 28D-2 re-designated as Do-128-2.

Dornier Do-28 written-off by accidents:

..-06-1971 TR-LOS Ste Air Service.
22-02-1972 YV-C-FLG AVSA
16-01-1975 ET-AEN Ethiopian Ministry of Public Health
05-05-1976 9Q-CDZ Fa. Danzer Furnierwerke Zaire
26-09-1977 PK-VDH State Aerial Survey Corp.
28-12-1982 9Q-COT Sominski.
27-01-1983 TJ-XBO Cameroon Air Force.
12-05-1994 D-IDNG ex Luftwaffe.
14-02-1995 Luftwaffe.
24-02-1997 NAF-107 Nigeria Air Force.


Dornier Do-28 military operators:
German Air Force. -1 Do-28A1
-4 Do-28D-1/S
– 127 Do-28D-2
Air America. – ?
Cameroon Air Force. – 16 – 18 Do 128-6MPA
Croatia Air Force. – 1 Do-28D-2
El Salvador Air Force. – 5 Do-28D-2
Ethiopia Air Force. –  Do-28D-2
Greece (Helenic) Air Force. – 15 Do-28D-2
Israeli Air Force. – 6 Agoor “Crane”
Katanga Province (of Congo) rebels. – 2 Do-28
Kenya Air Force. – 6 Do-28D-2
Lesotho Air Force. – ? Do-28D-2
Malawi Air Force. – 1 Do-28D-2
Niger Air Force. – 1 Do-28D-2
Nigeria Air Force. – 4 Do-28B-1
– 4 Do 28D-1
– 17 Do-28D-2
– 16-18 Do 128-6
Royal Morocco Air Force. – 3 Do-28D-2
Royal Thai Air Force. – 3 Do-28D-2
Somalia Air Force. –  Do-28D-2
Somalia Police. – 2 Do-28
Spanish Air Force. – 1 U.14 (Do-28A-1)
Turkish Air Force/Army. – 5+ Do 28B-1 and Do 28B-2
– 3+ Do 28D-1
– 15 Do-28D-2
Yugoslav Air Force – 2 Do-28D-2
Zambia Air Force. – 6 Do-28D-2


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