Lockheed Martin Alenia Tactical Transport Systems C-27J ‘Spartan’


The C-27J Spartan is an ‘renewed’ G222, Lockheed Martin (USA) joined Alenia (Italy) to build this medium sized military transporter. Basicly the C-27J is a G222 (C-27A in the United States.) with the systems and engines of the C-130J Super Hercules.

The US selected the C-27j as their Joint Cargo Aircraft.

Developing Nation: Italy and USA
Task: Tactical Transporter
First Flight: – prototype: July 18th 1970 (Alenia G222)
– September 25th 1999 (G222 demonstrator)
– May 12th 2000 (First Newly built C-27J)
First Delivery: 2002
Crew: – 2 (Flight-crew) and provision for a loadmaster
Wing Span: 28,70 m
Wing Area: 82,00 m
Length: 22,70 m
Height: 10,57 m
Engine (s): Rolls Royce AE 2100D2 turboprops (3460 kW) powering six blade Dowty propellers (2x)
Weight: 17000 kg
Max.Take off weight: 31800 kg
Max. Speed: – 602 km/h
Max. Range: – 4630 km with 6000 kg payload
– 2148 km with max. payload
– 2037 km with 46 paratroops
Ceiling: 10000 m
Weapons: None
Extra: The C-27J is an evolution of the G222 from Alenia, with more powerful engines, renewed avionics and cockpit. A joined venture of Lockheed Martin from the US and Alenia from Italy.


C-27J Spartan Operators:
Bulgaria 5
Greece 12
Italy 12
Lithuania 3
Morocco 4
Romania 7
United States Army 75
United States Air Force 70

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