Avtech Javelin

Based in Englewood, Colorado, Aviation Technology Group, Inc. was incorporated in June of 2000 to harness the synergies of emerging technologies into the design, development, and production of the Javelin Executive Jet and its derivatives, including the Javelin Advanced Jet Trainer.

The first Javelin developmental prototype took flight in September 30, 2005. FAA certification and first deliveries of the Javelin are projected to take place in 2008.

Non-military Javelin utility is broad. In addition to owner-flown transportation there are a number of additional uses. Charter, air taxi, civil turbine pilot training, high altitude atmospheric, meteorological, UV & IR experiment support, aerial video and photography.

ATG is working with Israel Aircraft Industries to market the Javelin Mk-20, a 5th-generation military jet trainer, to friends and allies around the world. At one third the cost of current military trainers.

With performance being the key requirement, the Javelin will utilize next generation, high bypass ratio, wide-fan technology engines. The two engines will combine to produce a thrust to weight ratio greater than the supersonic USAF T-38, Talon, and will be FAA certified to aerobatic standards. The Javelins long range is guaranteed by the engines high fuel specifics.

Developing nation: USA
Manufacturer/designer:  Aviation Technology Group Inc.
Production line: Front Range Airport, Adams County, Colorado.
Type aircraft: – two persons business jet.
– light military trainer.
First flight: September 30, 2005.
First delivery: take place in 2008.
  Avtech Javelin Mk.10
Cockpit crew: one pilot.
Passengers: one.
Baggage: 100 kg.
Wing span: 6,71 m.
Fuselage length: 10,85 m.
Height: 3,20 m.
Engines: – two Williams FJ33-4-17M turbofans each rated at 7,6 kN.
Weight: – empty: 1.138 Kg.
– fuel: 760 liters.
Max. take off weight: 2.086 Kg.
Cruise speed: 975 km/h.
Service ceiling: 13.000 m.
Range: – max. range 2.300 km.
– max. endurance 3 hours,  22 minutes.
Performance: – max. rate of climb at sea level 3.901 m per minute.

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