Mudry CAP 232

In 2005 flew Nicolas Ivanoff this CAP232 F-GTOJ in the Red Bull Air Race World Series.

The CAP 232 is designed by Auguste Mudry. After Mudry’s bankruptcy in 1996, Akrotech Europe took over the CAP series in May 1997, and in January 1999 changed name to CAP Aviation. The CAP 232 is a single-seat monoplane constructed entirely of timber and is distinguishable by its low wing and rakish vertical fin and rudder.

Developing nation: France.
Manufacturer/designer: CAP Aviation / Auguste Mudry.
Production line: Darois, France.
Type aircraft: unlimited aerobatic competition light aircraft.
First flight: April 1996.
Cockpit: one pilot.
Wing span 8,08 m.
Wing area: 9,9 m².
Fuselage length: 6,75 m.
Height: 1,90 m.
Engines: one Textron Lycoming AEIO-540-L1B5 flat six rated 224 kW.
Propeller: three or four blade constant speed Mühlbauer propeller.
Weight: empty: 585 Kg.
Max. take off weight: 816 Kg.
Cruise speed: 322 km/h.
Max. speed: 350 km/h.
Max rate of roll: 420°/sec.
G-limits: +10/-10 m.
Range: max. range 1.200 km.
Performance: max. rate of climb at sea level 18 m per sec.
Red Bull Air Race Pilots Flying This Aircraft: Nicolas Ivanoff in 2005.
Mike Goulian in 2004.

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