CASA C-101 Aviojet

Casa 101EB Aviojet of 'Team Aquila'

The C101 ” Aviojet ” is the training airplane of the Spanish Air Force. This airplane represents the second generation of basic jet trainers. The initial project of the C-101 goes back to the summer of 1974. Fulfilling the terms of the program of development in remarkably short time, the first prototype was presented the public on 27 May 1977. In less than a year, four prototypes were already in the air. During 1978 the newly created Ministry of Defense requested a total of sixty units of the C-101, a number later increased to eighty. The first C-101 of series production flew on 08 October 1979 , and the four first units were given officially to the Aviation school of San Javier on 17 January 1980.

The Aviojet is in service in Spain, Chile, Honduras and Jordan. About 145 were delivered. The Spanish Air Force uses the version EB, though the company has developed other versions. Version CC is an airplane of tactical support, able to use different types from pumps and rockets, and the last version the DD, is also of tactical support with a new system of mission and avionics.

The Aviojet is the exhibitor of the Spanish Air Force, being the airplane used in its exhibitions by the Team Aquila “Eagle” squadron that flies acrobatics at air shows.

Developing Nation: Spain
Task: Trainer/light strike
First Flight: 27 June 1977? XE25-01
First Delivery: 17 March 1980
First Operational: 1981
Crew: 2
Ejection Seat: Martin-Baker Mk 10E zero/zero.
Wing Span: 10,60 m.
Wing Area: 20,00 m².
Length: 12,50 m.
Height: 4,25 m.
Engine (s): one Garrett TFE731-5-1J rated at 4.300 lb st (19.13kN) dry normal and 4.700 lb st (20.91kN) dry with military power reserve.
Weight: Without fuel: 3.500 Kg.Internal fuel: 1.822 Kg.
External fuel: none.
Max. payload: 2.250 Kg.
Max. Take off weight: Max. take off: 6.300 Kg.
Cruise Speed: 656 km/h.
Max. Speed: 834 km/h at 6.095 m.
Operating altitude: 12.800 m
Max. Range: 3.706 Km.
Radar: none
Weapons: DEFA 30 mm cannon.twin Browning 12.7-mm machine-gun pack.
AGM-65 Maverick.
free-fall Mk82 bombs.
BAe Sea Eagle anti-ships missiles
Versions: C.101EB-01C.101BB


Military operators:

Spain: 88
Chile: 27
Jordan: 16
Honduras: 4


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