Boeing T-45A Goshawk

boeing-t-45-goshawk Photo: Boeing

The Boeing (former McDonnell Douglas) T-45A Goshawk is the US Navy’s two-seat advanced jet trainer. The aircraft is jointly manufactured by Boeing and BAE Systems. The T-45A was selected to meet the US Navy requirement for an undergraduate jet pilot trainer to replace the TA-4J Skyhawk and T-2C Buckeye. The TA-4J was retired in 2003 and the T-2 will be retired in September 2004.The T-45A entered service with the US Navy in January 1992. From aircraft number 84 (first flown on? October 21, 1997), production switched to the T-45C variant, which features a new “Cockpit 21” with two 5-inch square monochrome CRT screens. The US Navy and Marine Corps have more than 160 T-45 Goshawks and a total of 234 is planned. The T-45TS pilot training scheme includes advanced simulators and computer assisted instruction as well as training flight programs.

Several modifications to the basic Hawk airframe were incorporated into the T-45 Goshawk design including: new twin nose-wheel with catapult launch T-bar; nose wheel steering for maneuvering within the confines of the carrier deck; strengthened airframe and undercarriage for catapult launches; relocated speed brakes; provision of under-fuselage tail hook; revised avionics; and modified cockpit layout for compatibility with frontline US Navy combat aircraft.

Developing nation: United Kingdom/United States.
Designer: British Aerospace/McDonnell Douglas.
Manufacturer: Boeing.
Production line: St. Louis, MO USA.
Task: Lead-in fighter/carrier trainer.
First flight: – T-45A April 21, 1998.
– T-45C October 21, 1997.
First delivery: October 1990 to Naval Air Test Center at Patuxent River.
First carrier landing: December 4, 1991 on the USS John F. Kennedy.
  McDonnell Douglas/British Aerospace T-45A Goshawk.
Crew: 2.
Ejection seat: Martin Baker Mk.14 NACES.
Wing Span: 9,39 m.
Wing Area: 16,69 m².
Length fuselage: 11,17 m.
Length fuselage including probe: 11,97 m.
Height: 4,27 m.
Tail plane span: 4,59 m.
Wheelbase: 4,29 m.
Wheel track: 3,90 m.
Engines: One Rolls Royce/Turbomeca F405-RR-401 turbofan rated 26.00 kN.
Weight: – Empty: 4.263 Kg.
– Internal fuel: 1.312 kg.
– External fuel: 2 x 591 liter drop tanks.
Max. take off weight: 5.787 Kg.
Max. speed: 997 km/h at 2.440 m.
Service ceiling: 12.875 m.
Range: 1.854 km without drop tanks.
Performance: – max. rate of climb at sea level 2.128 m per minute.
– take-off run to 15 m at max. take-off weight 1.189 m.
– landing run from 15 m at max. landing weight 1.009 m.
g limits: -3/+7.33
Centerline hardpoints: 1.
Under wing hardpoints: 4.
Weapons: Normally none, but light stores capability on two wing and one fuselage pylon.
Extra: arrester-hook.


US Navy. – 83 T-45A Goshawk- 91 T-45C Goshawk

Mc Donnell Douglas T-45 Goshawk written-off by accidents:

04-06-1992 163601 T-45A US Navy.
17-08-1994 163629 T-45A US Navy.
17-08-1994 163639 T-45A US Navy.
17-03-1996 163627 T-45A US Navy.
01-11-1996 163627 T-45A US Navy.
15-04-1997 163634 T-45A US Navy.
11-12-1997 163640 T-45A US Navy.
19-08-1998 163632 T-45A US Navy.
21-02-2001 163601 T-45A ?US Navy.
08-02-2004 165631 T-45A US Navy.
12-07-2004 165… T-45C US Navy.
22-03-2005 165… T-45C US Navy.

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