Boeing 720B

Air Malta, Boeing 720B, 9H-AAO

The Boeing 720 was designed to be a smaller, lighter medium range variant of the Boeing 707.

Although it just looks like a smaller Boeing 707 it was dramatically redesigned and only has the same structural base as the 707. It was originally named Boeing 707-020 but soon changed to Boeing 720.

Pratt & Whitney Canada, Boeing 720-023B C-FETB
Developing Nation: United States
First Flight: Boeing 720:  November 23rd 1959.
Boeing 720B:  October 6th 1960 (more powerful engines).
First Delivery: July 5th 1960 (United Airlines).
Crew: 3.
Passengers: 167.
Wing Span: 39,87 m.
Wing Area: 234,2 m².
Length: 41,68 m.
Height: 12,67 m.
Engine(s): Boeing 720:  4x Pratt & Whitney JT3C.
Boeing 720B:  4x Pratt & Whitney JT3D-1 turbofans (each 75,6 Kn)   or: 4x Pratt & Whitney JT3D-3 (each 80 Kn).
Weight: 51.203 kg (Operating empty).
Max. Take off weight: 10.6140 kg.
Max. Landing weight: 79.380 kg.
Cruise Speed: 896 Km/h.
Max. Speed: 1.009 Km/h.
Operating altitude: 10.500 m.
Max. Range: 9.205 km.
Boeing 720 production:
The B-720 was produced from 1959 to 1969.
In that period 65 B-720’s and 89 B-720B’s were produced (many 720B’s were converted B-720’s).

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