Boeing 717

Boeing 717 N717XE Boeing company Le Bourget 1999

The Boeing 717 is the latest of a long line of Douglas DC-9 derivatives, similar in size to the venerable DC-9 Series 30. It features a mix of simple and advanced technologies, designed for operation on high-frequency, short- to medium-range routes.

Developing Nation: United States.
First Flight(s): 717-200: 2 September 1998 (N717XA)
Crew: 2
Passengers: 106 – 117
Task: Medium/short-range commercial airliner
Wing Span: 28,45 m
Length: 37,81 m
Height: 8,92 m
Load: 12.231 kg
Max. take-off weight: 51.710 kg
Max. landing weight: 46.266 kg
Engine (s): Two BMW/Rolls-Royce BR.715
Cruise Speed: Normal 810 km/h   max. 924 km/h
Operating altitude: 10.668 m
Max. Range: 2.900 km


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