Airbus A340-500

Emirates Airbus A340-541, A6-ERA in landing of London-Gatwick.

The A340-500 is stretched by only 3.19 m compared with the A340-300, the A340-500 offers the longest range capability of any airliner. With the entry into service at Emirates and Singapore Airlines, the A340-500 now flies the world’s longest air routes, such as Dubai to New-York, and Singapore to Los Angeles.

Developing nation: Europe
Manufacturer/designer: EADS – Airbus Industries.
Production line: Toulouse – Blagnac, France.
Type aircraft: Long range wide body airliner.
First flight: February 11, 2002, F-WWAI c/n.394.
First delivery: October 23, 2003 to Emirates.
Airbus A340-500
Cockpit crew: Two pilots.
Passengers two class: – 30 business class.
– 329 economy class.
Passengers three class: – 12 first class.
– 42 business class.
– 259 economy class.
Cabin length: 53,56 m.
Cabin diameter: 5,28 m.
Cabin height: 2,54 m.
Cargo volume: Total load 153,9 m³.
LD3 Containers in belly: 30.
Standard 2.24m x 3.17m pallets: in belly 10.
Wing span: 63,45 m.
Wing area: 439,4 m².
Wing sweep: 31,1 degrees.
Fuselage length: 67,90 m.
Fuselage diameter: 5,64 m.
Height: 17,1 m.
Wheelbase: 27.59 m.
Track: 10,69 m.
Engines: – Four Rolls-Royce Trent 553 rated 236 kN.
Weight: – Empty: 170.400 Kg.
– Max. zero-fuel weight: 232.000 Kg.
– Fuel: 222.000 liter.
– Max. payload: 30.800 Kg.
Max. take off weight: 380.000 Kg.
Max. landing weight: 246.000 Kg.
Cruise speed: 861 km/h.
Max. speed: 915 km/h.
Service ceiling: 11.887 m.
Max. range: 16.700 km.
Airbus A340-541  I-TALY Italian Air Force
Airbus A340-541 I-TALY Italian Air Force

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