Airbus A321

Airbus A321 prototype F-WWIB
The A321 is the largest member of the A320 Family. The A321 program was launched in November 1989 and the first development aircraft first flew on March 11,1993.

The basic A321-100 features a reduction in range compared to the A320, an extra fuel tank was not added to the initial design to compensate for the extra weight. Airbus launched the longer range, heavier A321-200 development in 1995 which has a full pax transcontinental US range.

Developing nation: Europe
Manufacturer/designer: EADS – Airbus Industries.
Production line: Hamburg – Finkenwerder, Germany.
Type aircraft: Short to medium range narrow body airliner.
First flight: March 11, 1993. F-WWIA.
First delivery: January 27, 1994 to Lufthansa, D-AIRA.
Airbus A321-100
Cockpit crew: Two pilots.
Passengers single class: 199.
Passengers two class: – 16 business class.
– 169 economy class.
Cabin length: 34,44 m.
Cabin diameter: 3,70 m.
Cabin height: 2,22 m.
Cargo volume: – Under floor 51,76 m³.
LD3 Containers in belly: 10.
Wing span: 34,09 m.
Wing area: 122,6 m².
Wing sweep: 25 degrees.
Fuselage length: 44,51 m.
Fuselage diameter: 3,96 m.
Height: 11,76 m.
Wheelbase: 16,92 m.
Track: 7,59 m.
Engines: – Two CFM International CFM56-5B1 rated 133.45 kN.
– Two CFM International CFM56-5B2 rated 137.9 kN.
– Two International Aero Engines V2530-A5 rated 133.4 kN.
Weight: – Empty: 46.739 Kg.
– Max. zero-fuel weight: 69.500 Kg.
– Fuel: 18.806 Kg.
– Max. payload: 22.798 Kg.
Max. take off weight: 83.461 Kg.
Max. landing weight: 73.482 Kg.
Cruise speed: 833 km/h.
Max. speed: 898 km/h.
Service ceiling: 11.278 m.
Max. range: 4.260 km.
Airbus A321-200*
Engines: – Two CFM International CFM56-5B3 rated 142.35 kN.
– Two International Aero Engines V2533-A5 rated 140.56 kN.
Weight: – Empty: 48.140 Kg.
– Max. zero-fuel weight: 73.800 Kg.
– Fuel: 20.865 Kg.
– Max. payload: 25.199 Kg.
Max. take off weight: 93.396 Kg.
Max. landing weight: 78.790 Kg.
Max. range: 5.556 km.

* Generally similar to the Airbus A321-100 except in the following particulars.

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