Airbus A318

Airbus A318 prototype F-WWIA at the Paris Air Show

The A318 is Airbus smallest airliner , member of the A320 family, and is the European manufacturer’s first model into the 100 seat market.

The first flight of the Airbus A318 (F-WWIA) was powered by PW6000 engines from Pratt & Whitney. Because of technical problems with the PW6000, the maiden flight of the first A318 (F-WWIB) with CFM International’s CFM56-5 power plant was brought forward many months. With all of the flight trials for the CFM56-5B powered version, and most of those needed for the PW6000, already complete, only about a hundred hours remain for the certification of the variant with the Pratt & Whitney engine. These will take place in 2005, with the final, improved, version of the PW6000, leading to certification in November of that year.

The first Airbus A318 was delivered to Frontier Airlines (N801FR), and is the 2000th aircraft of the A320 Family to be handed over to a customer.

Developing Nation: Europe
Manufacturer/Designer: EADS – Airbus Industries.
Production Line: Hamburg-Finkenwerder, Germany.
Type aircraft: 100 seat regional airliner.
First Flight: – A318-121, January 15, 2002. F-WWIA.
– A318-122, June 3, 2002, F-WWIB
First Delivery: – July 21, 2003 Frontier Airlines.
– October 9, 2003 Air France.
Airbus A318
Cockpit crew: Two pilots.
Passengers single class: 117.
Passengers two class: – 8 business class.
– 99 economy class.
Cabin length: 21,38 m.
Cabin diameter: 3,70 m.
Cargo volume: – Under floor 21,21 m³.
Wing span: 34,09 m.
Wing area: 122,6 m².
Wing sweep: 25 degrees.
Fuselage length: 31,44 m.
Fuselage diameter: 3,70 m.
Height: 12,76 m.
Wheelbase: 10,25 m.
Track: 7,59 m.
Engines: – Two Pratt & Whitney PW6122 rated 102.2 kN.
– Two Pratt & Whitney PW6124 rated 106.65 kN.
– Two CFM56-5B/P is offered as an alternative
Weight: – Empty: 38.400 Kg.
– Fuel:  23.860 Liters.
– Max. payload: 11.400 Kg.
Max. Take off weight: 59.000 Kg.
Max. Landing weight: 56.000 Kg.
Cruise Speed: 833 km/h.
Max. Speed: 852 km/h.
Service ceiling: 11.278 m.
Max. Range: 6.020 km.

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