Beriev Be-200

Beriev Be-200ChS RF-32767

The Beriev Be-200 is an amphibious multirole turbofan aircraft designed by the Berieva Aviatsionnyi Kompaniya (Beriev Aviation Company), with the Russian Irkutsk Aircraft Production Association (IAPO) responsible for the production engineering development phase of the program. The first flight took place in 1998 and the aircraft was first seen in the west at the 1999 Paris Air Show.

The Be-200 was first developed for firefighting missions. It can start, take-off and land on water and can carry a load of 12 tons of water.

Multirole aircraft

The multirole aircraft can be configured as a freighter, a passenger aircraft (Be-210) or as an amphibious water drop fire-fighting aircraft. The aircraft can also be equipped for special missions, such as an air ambulance for 30 stretcher patients and seven seated patients or medical crew.

In the search and rescue role, the aircraft is equipped with searchlights and sensors, and a suite of medical equipment. The aircraft is also capable of being configured for an anti-submarine warfare role and fitted with equipment to the customer country’s operational requirements.


The fire-fighter aircraft has 12m? ferric aluminum alloy water tanks under the cabin floor in the centre fuselage section. There are four retractable water scoops, two installed forward of the step and two after the step. The water tanks can be removed quickly for carrying cargo. Fire-retarding chemicals can be added to the water using a centrifugal pump. There are six tanks for these substances, with a total volume of 1.2m?, installed on the aircraft.?

Developing nation: Russia.
Manufacturer/designer:? Berieva Aviatsionnyi Kompaniya (Beriev Aviation Company).
Production line: Aircraft Plant ?31 at Taganrog.
Type aircraft: Amphibious multirole twinjet.
First flight: 1998.
First delivery:

Beriev Be-200
Cockpit crew: 2.
Passengers: 66.
Cabin length: 17,00 m.
Cabin diameter: 2,40 m.
Cabin height: 1,80 m.
Cargo cabin length: 17,00 m.
Cargo cabin diameter: 2,60 m.
Cargo cabin height: 1,90 m.
Cabin floor area excluding flight deck: 39 m?.
Cargo volume: 80,8 m?.
Water tanks maximum capacity: 12 m?.
Chemical retardant tanks capacity: 1,2 m?.
Wing span: 32,78 m.
Wing area: 117,4 m?.
Length: 31,43 m.
Fuselage length: 29,18 m.
Fuselage diameter: 2,86 m.
Height: 8,90 m.
Wheel base: 11,43 m.
Wheel track: 4,3 m.
Engines: – two ZMKB Progress D-436TP turbofan engines are rated at 73.6kN each.- Rolls-Royce BR715-C1-30 turbofan engines are rated at 93.4kN each.
Weight: – empty:?27.600 Kg.- fuel:?12.260 kg.

– max. payload:?7.500 Kg.

Max. take off weight: 37.200 Kg.
Max. landing weight: 35.000 Kg.
Max. airborne weight after water scoop: 43.000 kg.
Max. water load: 12.000 kg.
Cruise speed: 610 km/h.
Max. speed: 720 km/h.
Take-off speed: 220 km/h.
Landing speed: 185 km/h.
Drop speed: 220 km/h.
Service ceiling: 8.000 m.
Max. range: 3.850 km.
Performance: – take-off run?700 m at max. take-off weight.- landing run?950 m at max. landing weight.

– take-off run?1.000 m on water at max. take-off weight.

– landing run?1.300 m o water? at max. landing weight.

– Water scooping distance 1.450 m.

– rate of climb after water scooping 9,5 m/sec.

BerievBe-200 in use by:

1 – Protezione Civile of Italy.
7 – Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.
8 – Hawkins & Powers from 2007.

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