BAC One Eleven 500

British Caledonian BAC One-Eleven on Schiphol Airport

The One-Eleven was designed to replace the Vickers Viscount on short-range routes. It was the second short-haul jet airliner to enter service, the first being the French Sud Aviation Caravelle. Total production of the One-Eleven in British and Romanian factories was 244, with two airframes left incomplete in Romania.

BAC One-Eleven 200

Initial production version, widely sold; individual customer designations within this series. 56 built.

BAC One-Eleven 300

Uprated engines, more fuel for longer range; individual customer designations within this series. 9 built.

BAC One-Eleven 400

Series 300 with American instrumentation and equipment; the definitive short-body version; individual customer designations within this series. 69 built.

BAC One-Eleven 475

Series 400 body with Series 500 wing and powerplant plus rough-airfield landing gear and body protection. 9 built, including 3 for Oman.

Rombac 111-495

Romanian-built version of the Series 475

BAC One-Eleven 500

Extended body version with up to 119 seats; new engines; individual customer designations within this series. 87 built.

BAC One-Eleven 510ED

Variant of the 500 series built for BEA/British Airways. Size and engines same as other 500s, cockpit modified to provide more commonality with HS.121 Trident and required a different type rating from all other 500 series One-Elevens.

Rombac 111-560

Romanian-built version of the Series 500

BAC One-Eleven 670

Series 475 with improved aerodynamics and reduced noise; one converted from Series 475
Developing Nation: United Kingdom
First Flight(s): August 1963
  BAC One Eleven 500
Crew: 2, plus 3 / 4 cabin crew.
Passengers: 119
Task: Short range passenger jet.
Wing Span: 28,50 M
Wing: 95,78 M2
Length: 32,61 M
Weight empty: 24.758 Kg.
Load: 11.983 Kg.
Max. flight weight: 47.000 Kg.
Engine (s): 2 Rolls Royce Spey 512-DW turbofans with 56,25 kN
Cruise Speed: 871 Kph.
Max. Height: 6400 M
Max. Range: 2380 Km.


244 built:
UK: 58x 111-200
  09x 111-300
  70x 111-400
  86x 111-500
  12x 111-475
Romania: 09x 111-561

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