AVRO Lancaster

Avro 683 Lancaster B1 PA474 RAF BoBMF

What the Flying Fortress was for the USAF, that was the AVRO Lancaster for the RAF.

The RAF Lancasters flew the night missions in the second World War to Germany. It was a dangerous job, only 13 of every 100 aircrews were likely to survive a complete tour of 50 missions.

Developing Nation: United Kingdom
Manufacturer/designer: AVRO
Task: Heavy Bomber
First Flight: January 9th 1941: PrototypeMay 13 th 1941: First production model prototype.
First Delivery: December 24 th 1941 (at xmas eve) to No. 44 squadron (3x Mk I’s)
First Mission: March 3 rd 1942. On this day 4 Lancaster’s of No. 44 squadron? left at 6:15 pm to drop sea-mines at Helgoland. They returned at their base five hours later without problems.
Crew: 7:1x nose gunner/bomber, 1x pilots, 1x flight engineer, 1x navigator, 1x wireless operator, 1x mid-upper gunner, 1x tail gunner
Wing Span: 31,1?m
Wing Area: 120,45?m?
Length: 21,1?m
Height: 5,97?m
Engine (s): 4x Rolls Royce of Packard Merlin XX (1460 hp)
Weight empty: 16344?kg
Max. Take off weight: 30872?kg
Max. Speed: 443?Kph at 4572 meters
Cruise Speed: 322 Kph at 4572 meters
Max. Range: 4072?km
Service ceiling: 6706 meters
Rate of climb: 6096 m in 41 minutes and 36 seconds.
Centerline hard point(‘s): Only with Dam busters 1x
Weapons: 2x 7,7 mm Browning machine-gun in Nose2x 7,7 mm Browning machine-gun at mid-upper4x 7,7 mm Browning machine-gun in tail

Normal Bomb-load: 6356 Kg.

Dam buster bomb-load: 9988 kg.

Extra: 3544 Mk I’s were built, the largest number of this aircrafts types.

Lancaster Short Fact’s

Totally built: 7377
Total operational sorties: 156308
Total bombs dropped: 608612 tons
Lancaster’s lost in action: 3249
Number of Lancaster’s to complete more than 100 sorties: 35
Most sorties by one Lancaster: 139 (survived the war, scrapped in 1947)
Surviving: Only 13 of every 100 aircrew was likely to survive a complete tour of 50 missions
Lancaster’s in present time: There are 16 Lancaster’s remaining worldwide, only 2 are in flying condition.
Lancaster served in 9 nations: Argentina




France (Navy Reconnaissance)

New Zealand



United Kingdom

Lancaster served The RAF: From: December 24 th 1941Until: December 1953.

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