Fokker F-60

Fokker F-60 of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, U-01 from the 334 sq at Eindhoven Air Base.

The Fokker F-60 is the military variant of the civilian Fokker F-50.

The F-60 is only in service with the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

Country of development/built:?? Netherlands
First Flight(s): Fokker 60: November 1995 U-01
Fokker 60
Crew: 3
Passengers: 45 or 24 litter patients
Task: Passenger-cargo transporter
Wing Span: 29,00 m
Length: 26,87 m
Height: ? 8,34 m
Load: 7.325 kg
Max. take-off weight: 22.950 kg
Max. landing weight: 22.000 kg
Engine (s): Two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127B turboprops
Cruise Speed: Normal 472 km/h
Operating altitude: 7.060 m
Max. Range: 2.900 km

Totally built: 4

Only operator: Royal Netherlands Air Force