Fokker F-27 Friendship

Fokker F.27-100 Luxair. LX-LGA

The Fokker F-27 is the most successful civilian airplane the fokker factory has ever built.

At the time it was one of the first, and certainly one of the most successful turbo-prop aircraft in the market.

Developing Nation: Netherlands
First Flight:
  • F.27-100: March 23rd:1958 :PH-NIV
  • F.27-200: September 20th 1959
  • F.27-300: May 2nd 1960
  • F.27-300M: August 17th 1960
  • F.27-400: October 6th 1961
  • F.27-400M: April 24th 1965
  • F.27-500: November 15th 1967 : PH-FLM
  • F.27-600: June 22nd 1967
  • F.27-700: December 29th 1969
  • F.27 Maritime: November 23rd 1978
First Delivery: early 1959
Crew: 2
  • F.27-100: 40
  • F.27-500: 52
  • F.27-600: 44
Wing Span: 29,00 m
Wing Area: 70,00 m2
  • F.27-100: 23,56 m
  • F.27-500: 25,06 m
  • F.27-600: 23,56 m
  • F.27-100: 8,50 m
  • F.27-500: 8,71 m
  • F.27-600: 8,50 m
  • F.27-100: Two Rolls-Royce Dart Da.6 Mk.514-7
  • F.27-500: Two Rolls-Royce Dart DA.7 Mk.536-7R
  • F.27-600: Two Rolls-Royce Dart DA.7 Mk.536-7R
Empty Weight: 11,204 kg
Max. Take off weight:
  • F.27-100: 18350 kg
  • F.27-500: 20410 kg
  • F.27-600: 20410 kg
Max. Landing weight:
  • F.27-100: –
  • F.27-500: 19050 kg
  • F.27-600: 18600 kg
Cruise Speed: 415 Kph
Max. Speed:
Operating altitude: 7620 m
Max. Range:
  • F.27-100: 1715 km
  • F.27-500: 1315 km
  • F.27-600: 1890 km


Fokker 27 crashes:

June 10th 1960
?Trans Australia Airlines VH-TFB, crashed at Mackay, Australia. 29 died
September 23rd 1961
?Turkish Airlines TC-TAY, crashed at Ankara, Turkey. 28 died
February 7th 1966
Indian Airlines PH-SAB, crashed at Srinagar, India. 37 died
February 28th 1967
Philippine Airlines PI-C501, crashed at Mactan, Philippines. 12 died
March 27th 1967
Fokker Corporation PK-PFB, crashed at Malaybalay, Philippines. 19 died
June 7th 1967
Philippine Airlines PI-C527, crashed at Bacolod, Philippines. 21 died
March 21st 1969
Indian Airlines VT-DOJ, crashed at Doulatpoor, Pakistan. 44 died
August 6th 1970
Pakistan International Airlines AP-ALM, crashed at Islamabad, Pakistan. 30 died
August 29th 1970
Indian Airlines VT-DWT, crashed at Silcher, India. 39 died
December 6th 1971
Sudan Airways ST-AAY, crashed at Tikaka, Sudan. 10 died
March 16th 1972
Aero Transporti Italiani I-ATIP, crashed at Foggia, Italy. 18 died
May 21st 1972
DTA Angola CR-LLD, crashed at Lobito, Angola. 21 died
October 30th 1972
Aero Transporti Italiani I-ATIR, crashed at Poggiorsini, Italy. 27 died
December 8th 1972
Pakistan International Airlines AP-AUS, crashed at Rawalpindi, Pakistan. 26 died
September 7th 1974
Garuda Indonesia PK-GFJ, crashed at Tandjung-Karang, Indonesia. 33 died
March 16th 1975
Aerolineas Argentinas TC-72, crashed at Barito, Argentina. 55 died
November 4th 1976
Bali International Air Service PK-KFR, crashed at Banjarmasin, Indonesia. 29 died
March 25th 1978
Burma Airways XY-ADK, crashed at Okaraba, Burma. 48 died
July 20th 1981
Somali Airlines 6O-SAY, crashed at Mogadishu, Somalia. 50 died
August 5th 1984
Biman Bangladesh S2-ABJ, crashed at Dacca, Bangladesh. 49 died
June 10th 1986
Air Sinai SU-GAD, crashed at Cairo, Egypt. 23 died
August 16th 1986
Sudan Airways ST-ADY, crashed at Malakal, Sudan. 60 died
October 23rd 1986
Pakistan International Airlines AP-AUX, crashed at Peshawar, Pakistan. 13 died
June 21st 1987
Burma Airways XY-ADP, crashed at Heho, Burma. 45 died
October 11th 1987
Burma Airways XY-AEL, crashed at Pagan, Burma. 49 died
December 8th 1987
Servicio Aeronaval de Peru AE-560, crashed at Lima, Peru. 42 died
July 10th 1988
Kenya Airways 5Y-BBS, crashed at Kisumu, Kenya. no deaths
October 19th 1988
Vayudoot VT-DMC, crashed at Gauhati, India. 34 died
February 3rd 1989
Burma Airways XY-AEK, crashed at Rangoon, Myanmar. 26 died
June 28th 1989
Somali Airlines 6O-SAZ, crashed at Borana, Somalia. 30 died
August 25th 1989
Pakistan International Airlines AP-BBF, crashed at Gilgit, Pakistan. 54 died
May 10th 1990
Avicsa F-GHXA, crashed at Tuxtla-Gutierrez, Mexico. 27 died
May 9th 1991
Merpati Nusantara Airlines PK-MFD, crashed at Sulawesi, Indonesia. 13 died
April 26th 1992
SAHA Airlines, crashed at Saweh, Iran. 39 died
June 18th 1994
Merpati Nusantara Airlines PK-MFI, crashed at Multiara, Indonesia. 12 died
June 26th 1994
Air Ivorie TU-TIP, crashed at Abidjan, Ivory Coast. 17 died
November 9th 1995
Lineas Aereas del Estado TC-72, crashed at Luyaba, Argentina. 53 died
July 17th 1997
Sempati Air PK-YPM, crashed at Bandung, Indonesia. 28 died
August 24th 1998
Myanmar Airways XY-AEN, crashed at Manibagi, Myanmar. 39 died
January 12th 1999
Channel Express G-CHNL, crashed at Channel Islands, United Kingdom. 2 died
July 2nd 1999
Myanmar Airways XY-AEO, crashed at Sittway, Myanmar. 8 died
June 5th 2000
Ghana Air Link G-524, crashed at Accra, Ghana. 6 died
November 11th 2002
Laoag Airlines RP-C6888, crashed at Manila, Philippines. 19 died
February 20th 2003
Pakistan Air Force J-10254, crashed at Kohat, Pakistan. 17 died

Total built: 786 (including US 206 built by Fairchild) Fokker: 580

Operators-list (PDF by

Military Fokker F.27 operators:

  • Argentina Air Force
  • Finnish Air Force
  • Forces Area Bolivia
  • Ghana Air Force
  • Guatemala Air Force
  • Indonesia Air Force
  • Iran Air Force
  • Myanmar Air Force
  • Pakistan Air Force
  • Peruvian Navy
  • Philippine Air Force
  • Royal Australian Navy
  • Senegal Air Force
  • Spanish Air Force
  • Chad Government
  • Thai Air Force
  • US Army

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