Fokker D-XXI (D-21)

Fokker D-XXI Mock-up in Dutch military aviation museum Soesterberg

The Royal Dutch Air Force (Luchtvaartafdeling) ordered 36 D XXI’s with the 825 hp Bristol Mercury VII nine cylinder radial engine and armed it with four wing-mounted 7,9 mm FN-Browning M.36 guns.

When the Germans invaded the Netherlands in May 1940 28 Fokker D XXI were ready for combat, they were divided in 3 groups: ‘1JaVa’ at? De Kooy AFB (11 Fokkers), ‘2JaVa’ on Schiphol (now the National Airport) (9 Fokkers) and the ‘1st Afdeling van de Jachtgroep Veldleger’ at Ypenburg AFB. (8 Fokkers). Although the Fokker D XXI was slower, and had much lighter arms, it was a very good fighter against the German fighters, mainly because it could turn tighter and it could climb faster than most German fighters.

No Fokker D XXI have been preserved, for the Paul Verhoeven Movie “Soldier of Orange” that tells the story of a group of students that fled to England after Germany invaded The Netherlands. a Harvard was rebuilt to act as a Fokker D XXI.

Developing Nation: The Netherlands
Manufacturer/designer: Fokker / Dr. Ing. Erich Schatzki
Task: Fighter
First Flight: February 27th 1936
First Delivery: August 27th 1937
First Operational: September 1937
Crew: 1
  Standard Fokker built D XXI
Wing Span: 11.00 m
Wing Area: 16.20 m²
Length: 8.20 m
Height: 2.95 m
Engine (s): Bristol Mercury VII, 9 cylinder radial engine with 825 hp (Dutch Air Force configuration)
Weight: 1450 kg
Max. Take off weight: 2050 kg
Max. Speed: 460 Kph at 5100 m
Max. Range: 930 km
Weapons: 4x wing-mounted 7,9 mm FN-Browning M.36 guns.


Countries that used the Fokker D XXI

Denmark 12 (10 License built by Madsen)
Finland 35 (License built by Valtion Lentokone-tehdas)
Netherlands 28 (ordered 36, 8 were never delivered)
Spain 1 (License built by Hispano Aviaci?n, it flew just before the Nationalists stormed the factory. it was powered by a Russian engine: M-25 taken from an I-16)


All pictures courtesy of Zijde Aviation Photo and Publishing, Marcel van Leeuwen and Rob Vogelaar.

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