Fairchild F27 / FH227

Fairchild Hiller FH-227B F-GBRQ TAT

Fairchild acquired a license to build the Fokker F.27 on 26 April 1956 and put the aircraft into production at the same time as the parent company, actually achieving first deliveries and airline service before Fokker‘s own Friendships. Variants up to F-27M were built or projected, all with the same basic dimensions and varying Rolls-Royce Dart models. Fairchild also was the first to develop a stretched variant, as the FH-227, nearly two years before Fokker flew the first F.27-500, with slightly less “stretch’.

Developing Nation: Netherlands
First Flight(s): F-27: April 10th 1958 N1027

F-27A: January 13th 1959

F-27B: October 28th 1958

F-27F: March 31st 1961

F-27J: October 30th 1965

F-27M: October 6th 1969

FH-227: January 27th 1966 N2227L

FH-227B: March 21st 1967

FH-227D: December 2nd 1971

Crew: 2
Passengers: F-27: 40

F-27F: 16

FH-227: 52

Task: Short-range turbo transporter
Wing Span: 29,00 m
Length: F-27: 23,53 m

F-27F: 23,53 m

FH-227: 25,32 m

Height: F-27: 8,40 m

F-27F: 8,40 m

FH-227: 8,41 m

Load: 5.080 kg
Max. take-off weight: F-27F: 19050 kg.

FH-227: 20639 kg.

Max. landing weight: F-27F: 18150 kg.

FH-227: 20412 kg.

Engine (s): F-27: Two Rolls-Royce Dart 6 Mk.514-7

F-27F: Two Rolls-Royce Dart 7 Mk.529-7E

FH-227: Two Rolls-Royce Dart 7 Mk.532-7

Cruise Speed: F-27: 415 Kph

F-27F: 430 Kph

FH-227: 420 Kph

Operating altitude:
Max. Range: F-27: 1552 km

F-27F: 1465 km

FH-227: 990 km

Total built: 206 (Summary February 2002)

F-27 46

F-27A 45

F-27B 3

F-27F 18

F-27J 14

F-27M 2

FH-227 35

FH-227B 40

FH-227D 3

Civil Fairchild F-27/FH-227 operators:

Aerocaribe Mexico

Aero Continente


Aerolineas Sosa

Aerosur Patagonia


Anstan LA

Austro Aero

Bamiyan Airways


Legion Express

Pampa LA

Petro Ecuador

Qubec Air


Rollinson Air

Sahara Airlines


Military operators:

Angolan Air Force

Mexican Navy

Myanmar Air Force

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