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The Airbus A310 twin engine wide-bodied airliners have been built since 1981. The A310 has a shorter fuselage than the A300 aircraft but the same 5.64m fuselage diameter. The A310 is a 200 seated aircraft with low operating costs. The large fuselage diameter allows the aircraft to carry industry standard LD3 cargo containers side by side under floor.

A310 Airbus versions include the basic A310-200, the longer range A310-300 (introduced in 1985), a cargo version (over 100 have been converted, Federal Express converted 49 A310-200’s to freighter.) and the MRTT multi-role tanker transport, a military tanker version which has been ordered by the German Air Force (first delivery was in December 2003). The Canadian Air Force is to modify two of its five A310?s to the MRTT configuration.

* Generally similar to the Airbus A310-200 except in the following particulars.

Developing nation:


Manufacturer/designer: EADS – Airbus Industries.
Production line: Toulouse-Blagnac, France.
Type aircraft: Medium to long range wide body airliner.
First Flight:
  • A310-200, April 3, 1982. (F-WZLH).
  • A310-300, July 8, 1985. (F-WWCA).
First Delivery:
  • A310-200, April 1983, Lufthansa.
  • A310-200C, November 1984, Martinair.
  • A310-300, December 1985, Wardair.
Airbus A310-200
Cockpit crew: Two pilots.
Passengers single class: 280.
Passengers two class:
  • 20 business class.
  • 192 economy class.
Cabin length: 33,25 m.
Cabin diameter: 5,28 m.
Cargo volume:
  • Maine deck 61,8 m³.
  • Under floor 17,3 m³.
  • Total load 79,9 m³.
LD3 Containers in belly: 14.
Standard 2.24m x 3.17m pallets:
  • in belly 3, with 6 LD3 Containers.
  • main cargo deck of freighter 16.
Wing Span: 43,90m.
Wing area: 219m².
Wing sweep: 28 degrees.
Fuselage length: 46,66m.
Fuselage diameter: 5,64m.
Height: 15,80m.
Wheelbase: 15,21 m.
Track: 9,60 m.
  • A310-203, Two General Electric CF6-80A3 rated 222 kN.
  • A310-204, Two General Electric CF6-80C2A2 rated 231 kN.
  • A310-221, Two Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7R4D1 rated 214 kN.
  • A310-222, Two Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7R4E1 rated 233 kN.
  • Empty: 80.142 Kg.
  • Fuel: 55.200 liters.
  • Max. payload: 33.550 Kg.
Max. take off weight: 141.974Kg.
Max. landing weight: 117.934Kg.
Cruise speed: 850km/h.
Max. speed: 896km/h.
Service ceiling: 10.668m.
Max. range: 7.519km.


Airbus A310-300*

  • A310-304 Two General Electric CF6-80C2A2 rated 231 kN.
  • A310-304 Two General Electric CF6-80C2A8 rated 258 kN.
  • A310-322 Two Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7R4E1 rated 214 kN.
  • A310-324 Two Pratt & Whitney PW4152 rated 231 kN.
  • A310-325 Two Pratt & Whitney PW4156A rated 249 kN.
  • Empty:80.600 Kg.
  • Fuel: 26.718 Kg.
  • Max. payload: 33.300 Kg.
Max. take off weight: 150.000 Kg.
Max. landing weight: 123.000 Kg.
Max. range: 7.982 km.

Airbus A310 Production:

Airbus A310 Military operators*:

German Air Force.

3 – A310-304.
2 – A310-304MRT.
2 – A310-304MRTT.

Canadian Air Force.

5 – CC-150 Polaris.

France Air Force.

3 – A310-304.

Belgian Air Force.

2 – A310-222.

Spanish Air Force.

2 – A310-304 to become tanker.

Royal Thai Air Force.

1 – A310-324.

 *Summary October 2004. 

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